Fondation de la mode de Montréal

‘’to help tomorrow’s stars take their place ’’, since 1989

The fashion industry, one of Montréal’s greatest assets

Montréal is an important fashion centre producing nearly 50% of all clothing made in Canada.

With this in mind, the Fondation de la mode de Montréal was created in 1989 as a non-profit, charitable organization to stimulate creativity and promote higher education and research in the fashion field in order to better position Montréal on the international stage.
Each year, the Fondation conducts a fund-raising campaign with the loyal and highly appreciated involvement of the fashion and apparel industry and retail sector, public bodies, education institutions, the business community and the news media.

The Fondation’s objectives

To grant scholarships to help young designers, college graduates and teachers continue their studies in the garment industry in Canada or abroad;

To encourage the research and development of new technologies and educational tools in the fashion field;

To grant scholarships and subsidies to encourage the exchange of teachers, guest speakers and specialists within the framework of the fashion students’ education;

To help students, young designers and teachers complete internships abroad and participate in key-symposia and seminars.

The message of the Foundation for the next generation

The fashion industry offers multiple opportunities for success for those who want to innovate and persevere. Also, it is important for the Foundation to support and motivate the next generation talents to become the new references on the fashion scene in the coming years, in Montreal and abroad.