Guest of Honor

André Télio

André Télio

At the Fondation de la mode de Montréal, we are proud to pay a well-deserved tribute to the guest of honor of our 28th benefit evening, Mr. André Télio, President of TÉLIO’s Fashion Fabric division. TÉLIO is a Montreal-based leader in the import-export and distribution of textiles in North America.

While the name of TÉLIO is little known to the general public, it has a very different resonance in the textile industry in which the company has been present since 1952. For a decade, in all the fashion schools of the country, TÉLIO made fashion design students who submitted hundreds of sketches dreaming to see one of their creations parading on a runway.

Will there be a decline in fashion? André Télio raises the question himself and always uses the same answer: “I have always remained positive. There is always a way to find a way forward.” This is in any case the lesson that can be drawn from the growth of TÉLIO since 1952.

Recognized business leader, Mr. André Télio is a true inspiration for the newcomers in the field of fashion.